magical levitation or designed levitation?

i came across levitation and how history is full of attempts to overcome gravity and physics. From the ancient Greek, middle eastern cultures, western myths and fairytale until nowadays we can find the obsession and desire to levitate or fly. In the world of magic and spirituality levitation is a big subject. In India sadhus and yogis are known to be able to levitate on an extreme level of meditation where they reach internal an physical lightness. It’s interesting, when looking at faked ‘levitations’, to see how hard they try to design elaborate constructions to fake there ‘levitation. I was especially impressed by the levitation with a hand on a stick with whom Indian sadhus and magicians cached peoples attention over the last centuries. It was a cleverly designed iron structure that’s base is covert under the ground and that comes up as a single stick that under the hand of the sadhu makes his way threw the waive clots and obviously ends in the sitting platform under the sadhus bottom…

One of the most famouse levitations are performed by David Copperfield.  On youtube I’ve found the revealed trick and as you can see he uses all kinds of elabourated mashineries to fake his levitation..


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